There is constant construction on properties and building in Clarksville. Most of the time, new construction, renovations, repairs, and refurbishment take place without any problem – but not always. Construction defects in Clarksville, Nashville, and Murfreesboro are the result of negligence or omissions in the workmanship or design of a construction project. While the property owner often handles the initial repair work or replacement, these costs should fall to the negligent party. At Surber, Asher, Surber & Moushon, PLLC, our Clarksville Construction Defect Lawyer help homeowners and commercial building owners to seek damages and compensation for repairing a construction defect. Our talented team of construction defect lawyers handles cases against developers, designers, architects, and contractors, and fight for your full repayment of losses and costs from a defect.

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When Can a Construction Defect Lawyer Help?

Whether you’ve discovered a faulty foundation, incomplete or negligent construction installation, or misuse of materials – you may have a cause of action for the costs and expenses of repairing or replacing these property problems. In Clarksville, some of the most common construction defects are:

  • Cracks in the foundation of a building;
  • Faulty drainage or flooding;
  • Structural problems;
  • Problems with electricity or plumbing;
  • Cracks or leaks in the roof;
  • Problems with finishes;
  • Mold or dry rot in the walls, foundation, or roof; and
  • Mechanical failures.

What actions by a developer, builder, designer, or contractor lead to a cause of action for a property owner in Tennessee? Under Tennessee law, there are a number of negligent acts and omissions that create liability for a construction defect, including:


  • Defect in the design, whether architectural or structural, of a structure;
  • Issue with site selection or survey of property;
  • Improper soil analysis, grading, or preparation for construction;
  • Problems with civil or structural engineering;
  • Use of defective building materials in a new build or renovation; and
  • Negligent workmanship on a new build or renovation.

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Why Should a Construction Defect Lawyer Take Your Case?

Repairing a defect to your commercial or residential property in Clarksville is costly. This additional expense to buying or renovating a home is particularly frustrating when the defect is caused by the negligence or omissions of a builder or developer. However, a Clarksville construction defect lawyer can help. These costs shouldn’t be the burden of a property owner in many situations.

The team of construction defect lawyers at Surber, Asher, Surber & Moushon, PLLC, assist property owners to determine the cause of a construction defect, identify the negligent party, and bring a case for losses and costs. We provide legal advice and representation through every step of a construction defect case, to ensure you understand the process and are comfortable with each decision made by our team.

We believe this reliable approach to clients and cases increases the outcome of negotiations and builds a better strategy for court.

Hire a Clarksville Construction Defect Lawyer

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