Courts in Clarksville take instances of stalking, abuse, and threats very seriously. To ensure current abuse stops and prevent future abuse or harm, local courts in Clarksville regularly hear cases from Clarksville Order of Protection Lawyer. If you are living in fear of physical harm, sexual assault, or stalking, then filing for a Tennessee order of protection could also help you.

At Surber, Asher, Surber & Mouson, PLLC, highly respected Clarksville order of protection lawyers ensure your case receives personalized and dedicated attention throughout the order of protection process. We’ve handled thousands of cases in Tennessee involving orders of protection, personal injury and accidents, licensure defense, and other legal services – we’re ready to take your order of protection case in Clarksville.

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When Should You Seek an Order of Protection in Clarksville?

In Tennessee, an order of protection is a strong legal tool to stop abuse, physical harm, and threats of violence. An order of protection in Clarksville can protect you from:

  • Physical abuse or threats of physical abuse;
  • Stalking;
  • Psychological abuse; and
  • Sexual assault or threats of sexual assault.

Orders of protection in Clarksville, Nashville, Murfreesboro, and elsewhere in Tennessee are primarily used in instances of domestic abuse, divorce, or sexual assault. However, Tennessee allows for a broad range of reasons and in fact patters requiring an order of protection. At Surber, Asher, Suber & Moushon, PLLC, a Clarksville order of protection lawyer can file a request against:

  • An abused spouse or former spouse;
  • Your past or present partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend;
  • The father or mother of your child or children;
  • Someone who is stalking you, regardless of prior relationship;
  • A current or former roommate or domestic partner;
  • Someone related to you through blood, marriage, or adoption; or
  • Someone who has sexually assaulted you raped you, or otherwise abused you.


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How Can a Clarksville Order of Protection Lawyer Help You?

A judge in Tennessee must issue an order of protection. Without the court’s involvement, a Clarksville order of protection isn’t valid or enforceable. What is complicated for most people is understanding each step of the legal process required for an order of protection – and this is where a lawyer at Surber, Asher, Surber & Moushon, PLLC can help.

Our team of Clarksville order of protection lawyers is with you every step of the process including:

  • Assessing your case and argument for an order of protection;
  • Identifying the appropriate court to file for an order of protection;
  • Developing a timeline and list of reasons for the order of protection
  • Communicating with the court;
  • Collecting evidence or proof of abuse, threats, or stalking; and
  • Representing you before the judge.

It is the job of each order of protection lawyer in Clarksville to be a source of information and support during the entire legal process and after. Our office works hard to build lasting relationships with our clients, so we can always be there in the future.

If the defendant to an order of protection refuses to obey or follow an order or protection, threatens someone else in your family, or begins a new course of abuse or stalking, you can immediately call our Clarksville team at Surber, Asher, Surber & Mouson, PLLC.

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