A Rutherford County car accident can leave you looking for answers to some big questions. What to do about medical bills? Are you allowed to see a physical therapist? What is covered by insurance? When can you have your car repaired? What will happen if you miss working? When you reach out to a car accident lawyer in Rutherford County, many of these questions are answered.

Suber, Asher, Suber & Moushon, PLLC is a personal and local law firm that is dedicated to giving you answers – even when your car accident case feels overwhelming or too complex. We have a lot of experience with civil cases of all types in Rutherford County, Nashville, and Murfreesboro and we are ready to help you recover, financially and physically, after a car accident.

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How Does a Lawyer Help with Your Car Accident Case?

After a car accident in Rutherford County or Montgomery County, you could be facing substantial bills and lost wages, plus the ongoing saga of a serious injury. When another driver or person caused a car accident, whether it was a minor fender-bender or serious collision, you deserve compensation for the expenses of that accident. It is with the assistance of a Rutherford County car accident lawyer that you can fully access the court system and personal injury process to recover your losses.

At Suber, Asher, Suber & Moushon, PLLC, we go above and beyond to assist a car accident client. Of course, we offer consistent and dedicated representation in the courtroom, but a huge part of any Tennessee lawyer’s role occurs before you reach trial. Our lawyers will assist you with:

  • Filing your car accident claim;
  • Meeting court deadlines;
  • Ensuring documents are correctly formatted and filed;
  • Communication with the opposing party;
  • Setting dates for mediation or trial;
  • Negotiation with the defendant;
  • Questions for the court or clerk of courts;
  • Updates on the progress of your case; and
  • Assessing the potential outcome of a claim.

It is through this encompassing and inclusive approach to a car accident case in Rutherford County that you are likely to receive a great amount of compensation and a more successful outcome in your case.

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When to Contact a Rutherford County Lawyer?

After a car accident in Rutherford County, a personal injury claim or court action might be the farthest thing from your mind, but eventually recovering the losses from a car accident will become imperative. The earlier you speak with a car accident lawyer in Tennessee, the better.

At Suber, Asher, Suber & Moushon, PLLC, we believe that the sooner you speak with a lawyer, the stronger your claim will be. However, we know that contacting a lawyer isn’t always easy. We want to make it comfortable and straightforward to speak with one of our car accident lawyers through a free initial consultation.

Talk with a Local Lawyer

Suber, Asher, Suber & Moushon, PLLC, offers a cost free, initial consultation at any of our local Tennessee offices. You can schedule this consultation 24/7 with a local lawyer when you contact us today.