If you are a professional licensed by the State of Tennessee, whether by the Tennessee Health Related Boards (such as a medical doctor, nurse, dentist, pharmacist, licensed clinical social worker, licensed professional counselor, or licensed massage therapist), the Tennessee Board of Architecture and Engineering, Tennessee Board of Accountancy, or other licensure Board, you have worked hard to obtain your credentialing.  If you are facing professional discipline, you need professional representation before your licensing board.  Garrett Asher is a Registered Nurse and uses his medical knowledge and familiarity with health care systems to aid his clients.  He has been representing individuals before the various Tennessee Boards for over 15 years.  Mr. Asher has helped over 200 individuals and companies navigate through the discipline and licensure process.  He has even written a booklet on the discipline process in Tennessee to help provide guidance to nurses faced with potential discipline. It can be found here.  If you have been contacted by a Tennessee Board, whether by a Board Investigator or a Board Attorney, please do not respond without first consulting an experienced attorney.  Call Garrett for a free consultation.  

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