Nurses, or other medical professionals, involved with disciplinary actions by the Board of Nursing, criminal court, or other administrative hearings that could impact their licensure shouldn’t ignore or diminish the potential impact of these investigations and proceedings. Rather, upon learning of an investigation into your professional conduct, it is necessary to speak with a highly experienced Tennessee nursing lawyer at Surber, Asher, Suber & Moushon, PLLC.

Nurses in Tennessee provide an invaluable service to the ill, disabled, injured, and elderly throughout the state. Members of the nursing community are essential and selfless caregivers, and often quick to act, providing life-saving medical treatment to people in need. The Tennessee Board of Nursing ensures the profession and individuals working as nurses continue to provide outstanding care to our state’s most vulnerable. 


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The Board of Nursing is responsible for overseeing and approving licensure and certification, setting standards of practice and care, providing continued education for nurses, and disciplining nurses that break or violate the ethical and professional rules of nursing in Tennessee.

Why Does the Board of Nursing Start an Investigation?

The investigation by the Tennessee Board of Nursing can spend your career as a nurse, nurse practitioner, or in-home caregiver. These investigations and the potential hearings about your licensure are serious threats to your professional life and should be treated as such. The Board of Nursing can start an investigation because of:

  • Allegations of criminal activity or criminal charges;
  • Care violations during execution of nursing duties;
  • Issues in medical handling or administration;
  • Providing false or fraudulent information to the Board of Nursing;
  • Problems with substance abuse or alcohol abuse; or
  • Notice of disciplinary actions taken by another state’s licensing board.

Whether the suspected charges or conduct is true or false, you need and deserve strong representation in negotiations, communication, and hearings involving the Board of Nursing.


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What Is the Impact of a Board of Nursing Investigation?

At Surber, Asher, Surber & Moushon, we realize the full impact of an investigation by the Board of Nursing. After an investigation the Board of Nursing will decide to:

  • Dismiss the case entirely;
  • Issue an informal caution or warning to the individual;
  • Issue a more formal caution that requires continuing education; or
  • Begin a hearing for disciplinary action.

The outcome of a hearing by the Board of Nursing or other professional health board in Nashville, Clarksville, or elsewhere in Tennessee can be devastating. Actions by the board may include:

  • The indefinite suspension of license;
  • Revocation of nursing license
  • Probation for the practice of nursing;
  • Assessment of fee or penalty; or
  • The requirement to complete continued education.

Our Tennessee Nursing Lawyer has handled complex and complicated licensure defense cases throughout the state, including a focus on licensure defense for nurses. It is our goal that every nursing client sees the Board of Nursing case dismissed and can return to work.

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