Be represented by a lawyer who also is a nurse.

Have you been contacted about disciplinary proceeding against you in the State of Tennessee? Disciplinary action, including loss of your nursing license impedes your career, current employment, income, and personal relationships. To prevent or mitigate the effect of disciplinary investigations or proceedings you need to take immediate action and retain a nursing licensure defense lawyer.

At Surber, Asher, Surber & Moushon, our Tennessee licensure defense lawyers provide advice and advocacy to help protect your license and to keep your career on track. Garrett Asher has helped over 200 professionals facing discipline of their licenses. He has even written a booklet on the discipline process in Tennessee to help provide guidance to nurses faced with potential discipline. It can be found here. Garrett Asher is a Registered Nurse. He knows what it is like to be on the “front lines.” Let his experience work for you.

Learn more about Garrett Asher, who leads this practice area, here.

When Is Your Nursing License Threatened?

The Tennessee Board of Nursing is responsible for granting licenses to all nurses in the state. The same Board, under the Tennessee Department of Health, is responsible for disciplinary proceedings against nurses, including licensing revocations or suspensions. The following can be the basis for disciplinary proceedings against a nurse:

  • Improperly handling patient records;
  • Misusing patient medical information;
  • Addiction to alcohol or drugs;
  • Engaging in dishonesty related to the practice of nursing;
  • Violating an order of the Board of Nursing;
  • Unprofessional conduct;
  • Impersonation of another licensed medical professional;
  • Performance of improper nursing techniques;
  • Inadequate training or education;
  • Neglecting a patient requiring nursing care; or
  • Fraud and other acts of dishonesty, particularly when related to healthcare.

How Can a Licensure Defense Lawyer Help?

Regardless of the reasons your nursing license is in jeopardy, the assistance of a Tennessee licensure defense lawyer is imperative and invaluable. Our legal team at Surber, Asher, Surber & Moushon, PLLC is prepared to handle all facets of your defense, including defense of underlying criminal charges or related administrative proceedings. We offer assistance with:

  • Communication with the Board of Nursing;
  • Investigation into the complaint or criminal charges;
  • Overall defense strategy;
  • Requesting dismissal of any complaint;
  • Discussions with investigators;
  • Confidential compliance assessment; and
  • Representation in administrative hearing or court.

The earlier a nursing licensure defense lawyer becomes involved in your case, the better. Early legal involvement makes for a stronger approach and improved chance of complaint dismissal.

Talk with a Nursing License Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been contacted by the Board of Nursing in Tennessee or received a subpoena, you should seek legal counsel. At Surber, Asher, Surber & Moushon, PLLC, you can speak directly with a nursing license defense lawyer by scheduling a confidential, initial consultation with our office.

We also handle license defense for other licensed professionals in Tennessee.

Garrett Asher authored a booklet on the discipline process in Tennessee to help provide guidance to nurses faced with potential discipline. It can be found here.