Surber, Asher, Surber & Moushon, PLLC regularly represents individuals injured in motorcycle accidents in Murfreesboro. As experienced motorcycle accident lawyers, we handle cases involving serious motorcycle accidents and those who have suffered substantial injuries. Our motorcycle accident lawyers are focused on recovering the damages you deserve and to convince a jury that the perception that motorcycle drivers are reckless is false.

Murfreesboro Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle drivers are not responsible for the vast majority of motorcycle accidents in Murfreesboro. Instead, the most common cause of motorcycle accidents are distracted and drowsy drivers of cars, trucks, and SUVs. What are some of the traffic violations and actions that create collisions and impose liability on another driver?

  • A car changes lanes into the path of a motorcycle;
  • A driver fails to notice a sudden stop and rear-ends your motorcycle;
  • A car misjudges your speed and turns left in front of your motorcycle;
  • A driver or passenger in a parked or stationary car opens the door as you pass by; and
  • A drunk driver collides with your motorcycle because of impaired vision or judgment.

Of course, slippery roads, misjudging the sharpness of a turn, or speeding can also be the cause of a motorcycle accident. In these instances, there might not be another party liable for the accident and related losses. To determine liability for a motorcycle accident, you need to speak with a Murfreesboro motorcycle accident lawyer.

What to Do Following a Motorcycle Accident in Murfreesboro

Following a motorcycle accident, you should take certain steps to recover losses and related expenses.

  1. Document the Damages: after assessing injuries, it is essential to document the damage to your motorcycle and any visible injuries.
  2. Seek Medical Assistance: even minor injuries may need attention and could indicate a bigger problem; so always accept medical attention.
  3. Record Your Impression of the Accident: police reports and street cameras are your strongest evidence of liability and fault for a motorcycle accident in Murfreesboro, but your personal recollection can also be relayed to the court.
  4. Retain a Murfreesboro Accident Lawyer: hire a lawyer that has experience with motorcycle accidents and recovery in Tennessee.

How a Lawyer Can Help After an Accident

At Surber, Asher, Surber & Moushon, PLLC, our goals in a motorcycle accident case are simple and straightforward. We want to help you recover costs, replace damaged property, and return to normal life as quickly as possible. We help motorcyclists by:

  • Demanding damages to cover medical costs and future treatment;
  • Seeking compensation for replacement or repair of your motorcycle;
  • Recovering lost wages and damages for loss of mobility or other ongoing injury; and
  • Requesting monetary compensation for emotional distress or mental anguish.

We believe our clients are due full compensation and recovery for any expenses and losses sustained from a motorcycle accident in Murfreesboro. Learn more about our strategy for demanding these costs and proving responsibility for an accident through a free, initial consultation.

Finding the Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The right motorcycle accident lawyer is closer than you think. As a local law firm, Surber, Asher, Surber & Moushon, PLLC is ready and willing to help with your motorcycle accident case, right here in Murfreesboro, contact us today.

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