Construction of a new home or commercial building should be an exciting event for any individual, family, or business. Yet, this experience can go tragically wrong if you experience construction defects in Nashville.

A construction defect is defined as any defect in the design, workmanship, construction, or finish of a building or structure. Construction defects in Nashville range from a drainage issue from improperly grading a property to using the wrong wood in the construction of an attic space. Other construction defects in Nashville include problems with a roof, stairwell, elevator, or foundation of the building.

Each of these construction defects is a huge problem for a property owner. Upon discovering any construction defect, it’s in your best interest to contact a Nashville construction defect lawyer and identify the contractor or developer responsible for the problem. Yet, some construction defects in Nashville pose bigger problems and higher costs than others. What are the most expensive defects a Nashville property owner may encounter?

Problems with the Building’s Foundation

The foundation of any building is the base of the entire structure. It is the design, shape, and depth of the foundation that is responsible for bearing the weight of the building and creating structural integrity. A foundation must be calibrated and poured correctly to evenly transfer the weight of the building and prevent swaying, cracks in the cement of the construction, or other safety concerns.

Issues with the foundation of a home or commercial building are some of the most complicated and difficult construction defects to repair. It isn’t easy to identify the exact cause of these defects and even harder to make repairs without creating stability and structural uncertainty in the rest of the structure. Due to the complicated nature of foundation repairs, these are also among the most expensive construction defects in Nashville.

Improper Installation of HVAC Units and Systems

Any construction defect that causes water damage in your home or commercial building is going to result in extensive damage and costly repairs. In large part, the expense of these construction defects in Nashville isn’t the repair or replacement of the defect itself, but the direct repercussions of water damage. Water damage in a building can destroy fixtures, finishes, flooring, walls, and other interior elements. Over time, water damage leads to mold and extensive safety concerns. All of these resulting issues of water damage are expensive to fix.

Issues with the design or installation of an HVAC system are likely to cause leaking and water damage in a building. These leaks may occur for months before being detected by a property owner or it could be a single catastrophic event that leads to immediate water damage.

In either instance, the cost of repairing an HVAC system can skyrocket compared to other repairs because the system is installed throughout a home or building. In particular, instances, when an HVAC unit must be removed and replaced, are very costly and intensive work.

There are other systems in your home that are expensive to repair and replace. For example, leaky pipes or improper plumbing can become a major problem, and similar to HVAC problems, it could take months or years to uncover a construction defect in the plumbing or pipes.

Issues with Grading and Slope of a Property

Before you contract any new structure on a property, no matter the size and scale of the construction project, it is necessary to assess the grade and slope of the property. In many instances, a vacant property needs to be regarded or modified before a structure should and can be built.

The result of improper grading is water damage and flooding. If a property is graded incorrectly, it might not be noticeable to the untrained eye. As well, a grading problem may not present itself during a small amount of rain or even an afternoon thunderstorm, but heavy rains or sudden flooding will cause immense damage, making problems with grading and slope among the most expensive construction defects in Nashville.

Defects in the Roof of a Building

Just as the foundation of the bottom of a building is essential, so is the design and materials used in a roof at the top. Roofs protect a structure from all manner of weather and ruin, including snow, wind, and rain.

However, if a roof is improperly designed or inaccurately constructed, it could lead to serious issues in the walls and other building blocks of your home. Once again, the biggest concern for a property owner when the roof is leaky or defective is water damage in the wood, drywall and other parts of the building. As well, replacing the roof of a building isn’t a cheap or small undertaking, which drives the cost up further.

Speak with a Construction Defect Lawyer

Luckily, you don’t have to shoulder the cost of these construction defects in Nashville alone. When a designer, developer, builder, or contractor is responsible for the defect that the party is similarly responsible for the cost of repairs and any resulting damage. Need to learn more about holding these parties responsible?

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