At Surber, Asher, Suber & Moushon, PLLC, our motorcycle accident lawyers are recognized as some of the best in Nashville. Our team has handled tough cases involving serious accidents and even wrongful death claims. Still, the high number of motorcycle accidents that occur in Nashville each year continues to surprise and concern our legal team.

While we are fully committed to assisting anyone impacted by a Nashville motorcycle accident, we are also invested in making Nashville a safer place to live and ride a motorcycle. This led us to develop a list of the top five ways motorcyclists and drivers can help prevent motorcycle accidents in Nashville.

#1: Stay Visible in Your Lane

When other vehicles change lanes on the highway or another four-lane road, it can be dangerous for a motorcyclist. Almost every vehicle on the road has a blind spot, and a motorcycle is more likely to go unseen by the other driver. Yet, there are ways everyone on the road can prevent motorcycle accidents during lane changes and merging.

A motorcyclist should take measures to be noticed by the other drivers on the road. This might mean slowing down, if you are riding alongside a car on the highway, or staying in the right-hand lane, where cars are less likely to pass other vehicles. Even what part of the lane a motorcyclist rides in could help another driver take note of the much smaller vehicle.

Vigilance about the other traffic on the road also goes a long way. To prevent motorcycle accidents, a rider must take note of turn signals, slowing traffic, and other signs that a car will merge into a new lane.

#2: Sudden Stops and Stopping Fender Benders

Normally, a fender bender is a minor accident that results in minor or non-existent injuries. However, when it comes to motorcycle accidents, fender benders can be extremely serious. Cars, trucks, and SUVs are bigger and heavier than a motorcycle and a rider has far less protection from the impact than another driver. So, stopping fender benders and similar motorcycle accidents in Nashville is crucial.

Motorcyclists can help take certain actions to avoid being hit from behind. Rather than stopping behind a line of traffic, a motorcyclist can slowly and cautiously move ahead of one or two cars. This puts a buffer between the rider and a car that doesn’t stop in time. Another option is stopping to the far right side of the lane, instead of in the middle. This allows a motorcyclist to move out of harm’s way if a driver doesn’t appear to brake or slow down.

#3: Stay Off Devices and Electronics

Cell phones and other electronic devices are a significant cause of car vehicle accidents in Nashville. Distracted driving has actually become the most common reason for motor vehicle accidents in the United States, including crashes and collisions that involve motorcycles. If everyone on the road stopped texting, navigating, and using social media while behind the wheel, there would be far fewer motorcycle accidents in Nashville.

The need to stop using electronic devices when driving isn’t applicable only to car and truck drivers. Motorcyclists can and should also stop using their phones while riding, even at stoplights and intersections.

#4: Don’t Ride Between Cars

It surprises many motorcyclists to learn that one of the biggest hazards to a rider is a car door. In general, people aren’t trained to look for motorcyclists on the road. Coupled with the fact that many people fling open a car door without attention to passing traffic, it is easy to see how this is a hazard for motorcyclists.

To avoid motorcycle accidents and serious injury from car doors, motorcyclists should never ride between a line of traffic and parked cars and should carefully navigate narrow streets with parked vehicles. Just as in previous situations, other people on the road can make a similar effort to remain vigilant and aware of motorcyclists driving Nashville’s streets. Always look thoroughly before opening your car door. As well, other drivers should never assume a motorcyclist will stop or swerve as a car door opens.

#5: Beware the Left-Hand Turning Car

The top cause of motorcycle accidents in the United State is cars making left-hand turns. In some years, this cause of accidents has accounted for over 40% of all motorcycle accidents. A motorcycles smaller size, speed, and a rider’s lack of protection also make this a very serious type of motorcycle accident.

A rider can reduce the number of these motorcycle accidents by proceeding slowly through any intersection, obeying traffic laws and not trying to overtake a car in an intersection, and staying aware when going through any intersection. It’s also possible to reduce the severity of motorcycle accidents by wearing appropriate protective gear, including a recommended helmet.

What Happens After Motorcycle Accidents in Nashville?

Motorcyclists in Nashville can take a number of precautions to prevent motorcycle accidents, but the majority of collisions involving riders are still caused by other drivers. It is impossible to eliminate all the risks and motorcycle accidents will occur, although we hope in smaller numbers and with less severity.

What should you do after an unfortunate motorcycle accident? Talk with a knowledgeable motorcycle lawyer. A Nashville lawyer can help you determine if an accident or crash was your fault and provide representation when another driver or individual is responsible. Finding your motorcycle accident lawyer starts with a single phone call to Surber, Asher, Surber & Moushon, PLLC. Contact us today at (615) 997-1908.