Unfortunately, instances of poor workmanship, faulty construction, or negligence are all too common in Nashville construction projects. These problems persist in both commercial and residential structures.

If you incur costs or experience financial losses due to a problem with new construction, remodel, or repair – who can help? In most instances, your first contact should be a Nashville construction defect lawyer.

#1: Leaky Roofs, Windows, or Doorframes

Some of the most frequent construction problems are the most expensive to repair. In particular, if your commercial building has problems with a leak or draft from a poorly constructed roof, window, or doorframe you could be looking at substantial costs to repair or replace. Yet, it is very likely that this cost isn’t yours to bear.

The law in Tennessee allows commercial property owners to bring a claim against the builder, developer, designer, or contractor for a specific defect. Identifying the party responsible for a defect is essential and could substantially change the outcome of your construction defect case. Luckily, a Nashville construction defect lawyer is experienced in filing a lawsuit accurately and strategically against the liable party.

#2: Negligence in Residential Remodeling

A Nashville construction defect lawyer can also assist residential homeowners and landlords in the event of negligent remodeling or renovations.

As a residential property owner, you depend on contractors and skilled workers to complete work that is competent and safe. Failure to provide this quality of work results in danger to you, your family, friends, and other visitors. Negligent or faulty remodeling creates a risk of bodily harm or injury to the people you hold most dear – a cost you can’t afford.

However, many families also can’t afford the cost of repairing or replacing negligent remodeling, nor should that be your responsibility. Instead, a Nashville construction defect lawyer can help you obtain your deserved compensation to have the work redone.

#3: Contractor Failed to Complete Contracted Work

Before a contractor begins any work for new construction, repair, or maintenance, it is in your best interest to have a signed, written agreement in place. In most instances, the contractor will insist on signing this document, as it also ensures your payment obligations, but some smaller businesses and solo practitioners may not always utilize this formality.

Why do you need a specific agreement? A written contract obligates the contractor or other skilled workers to the work and gives you recourse if the work is left incomplete. In Tennessee, instances, where construction work is left incomplete or unfinished, are considered construction defect cases, requiring the expertise and experience of a Nashville construction defect lawyer.

When appropriately filed with a Nashville court and supported by evidence, a construction defect case for failure to complete or finish contracted work can lead to recovery for the cost of completing the work, cost of related or incidental repairs, cost of damage to personal property, and cost of physical injury.

In some instances, it is more appropriate and favorable to sue for breach of contract when a contractor fails to complete specified work. A Nashville construction defect lawyer can also advise you on this option and a lawyer that handles these cases.

#4: Defects in Design of Commercial Spaces and Structures

In Tennessee, a single statute gives rise to the right and ability to bring a construction defect case. Found at Tenn. Code Ann. Section 28-3-202, the statue covers, “deficiency in the design, planning, supervision, observation of construction, or construction of an improvement.” Clearly included in this right to financial or other recovery are defects due to design.

A wide range of design decisions can lead to a Nashville construction defect case, including the improper or unsafe design of a ramp, entry, or stairwell in a commercial building, unsafe design of plumbing or electrical work, or improper design of an HVAC system. Typically, a design defect is due to an error or omission. In these cases, a Nashville construction defect lawyer can bring a case against the architectural design firm that handled the original drawings or renderings or the specialized design team that created a specific system.

#5: Shifting of Soil, Sediment, or Erosion

Some of the most expensive construction defects to remedy are those involving the structural integrity of a building. A common cause of these costly construction problems is the movement of soil or sediment or erosion under the building’s foundation.

To prevent such problems, developers and construction companies in Tennessee are required to cut, fill, and grade the soil in an appropriate manner to prevent against landslides, slope stability issues, and corrosive soils. Failure to appropriately prevent these issues can give a future homeowner or commercial property owner the right to bring a construction defect lawsuit.

Contacting a Nashville Construction Defect lawyer

The best time to contact a Nashville construction defect lawyer is immediately following your discovery or awareness of such defect. Even if you are uncertain about your rights to bring a lawsuit or which party is responsible for the defect, a Nashville construction defect lawyer can help. To learn more about your right to recovery or repairs to construction work or design, call Matt Moushon at 615-997-1927.