As a Nashville motorcycle injury lawyer, our firm hears about severe motorcycle collisions and minor accidents. We work motorcyclists facing substantial, long-term injuries and those able to walk away from a crash with scrapes and bruises. Similarly, the specifics of every Nashville motorcycle accident are different. But while each motorcycle accident case we take is unique, time and again our Nashville motorcycle injury lawyers find that the accidents were caused by the same set of reasons.

A handful of causes are behind the majority of motorcycle accidents in Nashville, and in reality across the entire United States. What are these troublesome causes for motorcycle accidents? The team at Surber, Asher, Suber & Moushon, PPL takes you through each.

#1: Unsafe Lane Changes by Other Vehicles

Some cars have major blind spots between their side and review mirrors. This causes a large number of accidents on the interstate and four-lane roads, and these blind spots are a huge danger to motorcyclists.

Whereas a larger vehicle passes quickly through another car’s blind spot, it can take several seconds for a motorcycle in an adjacent lane to pass a larger vehicle. However, when another driver fails to check his or her blind spot before switching lanes, it is unsafe driving. Each year a Nashville motorcycle injury lawyer sees a substantial number of cases arising from unsafe lane changes, and the vast majority, if not all, are the fault of the other driver.

Of course, to avoid these collisions a motorcyclist can be acutely aware of speed and proximity to a neighboring vehicle. Don’t linger alongside a car and pass quickly, always in the left-hand lane.

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#2: Sudden Stops and Fender Benders

In most cases, a fender bender involving two cars doesn’t result in sustained or life-threatening injuries, but when that fender bender involves a motorcycle, serious injuries are extremely common. Sudden stops and avoiding sudden stops are two dangerous moments for a motorcyclist. In these split seconds, a motorcycle can slide, skid, or otherwise go out of control, in an effort to avoid the accident.

However, the alternative is often just as dangerous. What would be a minor accident between two cars is serious for a motorcyclist. First a motorcyclist has far less protection from the sudden stop, and second, a motorcyclist is far more likely to be thrown from his or her bike. Injuries from a fender bender or sudden stop accident include fractures, head injuries, and burns or abrasions from sliding on the pavement.

#3: Excessive Speed

When a Nashville motorcycle injury lawyer hears that a motorcycle accident involved excessive speed and breaking the speed limit, we prepare ourselves for the worst. Accidents from speeding are likely to result in serious injury or death to a motorcyclist. Whether the motorcycle or the other vehicle is traveling at high speeds, the impact to the motorcyclist is substantial.

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As well, speeding is a major cause of single motorcycle accidents. In fact, nearly half of single motorcycle accidents are due to either speed or intoxication. Why does excessive speed lead to so many crashes? It’s harder to account for unsafe road conditions, sharp turns, and the actions of other drivers when speeding.

#4: Left-Hand Turns by Other Vehicles

Other drivers are on the lookout for one thing: other motor vehicles. What these drivers don’t anticipate are smaller, harder to see motorcycles that are approaching the same intersection. This lack of driver awareness and alertness leads to many motorcycle accidents each year in Nashville. While these accidents aren’t usually the fault of motorcyclists, you can be safer by approaching intersections with caution, particularly at night or when the light is already green.

#5: Crashes with Car Doors

Motorcyclists spend a lot of effort watching other vehicles on the road. The ramifications of an accident are greater for a motorcycle driver, which makes staying alert necessary. However, there is a big hazard that escapes the attention of many motorcycle drivers – parked cars. Each year a Nashville motorcycle injury lawyer represents clients injured when a passenger opened a car door.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

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The costs of a motorcycle accident in Nashville add up fast. If you were injured in an accident or your motorcycle sustained damages, you may need to recover these costs. When another driver or other party caused the accident, you can do just that with the help of a Nashville motorcycle injury lawyer. To speak with the legal team at one of Nashville’s top motorcycle accident firms, call Joel Surber at (615)997-1921.